Michael Kenna is surely one of the greatest landscape photographers in the world. His studies of minamalist Japanese landscapes are inspirational.

Haunting seascapes using long exposures of strong pier structures.

Another American master of black and white long exposure photography.

David Burdeny is an Architect by profession but creates some amazing seascapes using long exposures to produce very atmospheric pictures of manmade structures such as piers, wharves and docks.

Another great American photographer specialising in long exposure photography. Some really great minimalist images.

Another modern master of black and white photography with some really stunning shots.

Wonderful landscape images from around the world by Austria's finest landscape photographer.

Amazing very long exposure night photography

Beautiful desert landscape photographs from the 2009 winner of the Sony World Photography Awards

Some very good long exposure landscape shots from this Swedish photographer

Wonderful abstract imagesthat look like landscapes.

Danish photographer based in Berkshire with some very good images based around water.

My good friend Steve's website is packed full of great commercial and personal pictures (bit of a colourist though!!)

Interesting black and white shots of Norway's rugged west coast.

Very good German architectural photographer wih some outstanding photographs of skyscrapers.

Very good colour landscape photographs of stunning locations in the Outer Hebrides.

Some great black and white shots of Scotlands mountains.