"I was born in Inverness in 1958 and lived for the first 18 years of my life in the village of Dunnet, in the county of Caithness, on Scotland's north coast.

Both my parents were Art teachers and eventually I decided to follow in their artistic footsteps, and in 1978, I attended Gray's School of Art and Design in Aberdeen where I spent 5 happy years studying jewellery design.

I then spent 3 years in Edinburgh serving my jewellery apprenticeship.
In 1988 I moved back up to Aberdeen to set up my own small jewellery business and since then
I have steadily grown the business to include a retail shop,
online shop and jewellery work shop.
"Squall" - Catterline Bay

I have always had an interest in photography but it is only in
the past 3-4 years that I have really become more serious
about the images I make.

Artistically I have been influenced by the minimalist works of
Michael Kenna and more recently by David Burdeny, Bill
Schwab and David Fokos.
  • "The Rocks Remain" - Lyth Art Centre,
    Caithness. July - September 2005.

    "Coast" - His Majesty's Theatre,
    Aberdeen. November - December 2006.

    "Photographic Works" - The Heinzel
    Gallery, Aberdeen.
    February - March 2007.

  • "Black and White Photography Magazine"
    March 2006.

  • Gold portfolio winner in the London
    Photographic Awards "My Best Shot"
    competition - April 2006.

    Nominated in the Fine Art section of
    the international "Spider Awards"
    competition - December 2006.